Requests for collaborations, cross-promotions and words of encouragement are always welcome. Should you have any trouble reaching the talent, we're here and ready to help.

What is Here and Ready?
Here and Ready is a talent database of Black Actresses designed to help you quickly discover and hire talent across the country. We are also an active community group of more than 900 actresses advocating for our visibility.

What can I do on the site?
- Search for talent across the United States and Canada by age range, notable skills, representation and union status
- View resumes and and watch reels
- Directly communicate with talent via email
- Submit a casting breakdown for a direct response from our members

Is there a cost to use the site?
No, the site is free to access. Whether you're the VP of an entire television network or a filmmaker working on your first feature, we are #hereandready for you. We're excited to build relationships at all levels. 

If I hit the "CONTACT NOW" button, where does it go?

An auto-generated will go to the actress or their representative.

If I SUBMIT A CASTING, where does it go?

Any breakdowns or projects submitted on our Submit a Casting page are automatically shared to our database actresses and the members of our private community group.

How often is the site updated?
The site is updated once a week. We also have a monthly

"And Action" newsletter that highlights the acting and creative wins of our talented community. Sign up for it HERE.

What's the best way to refer Here and Ready to an actress who should join the database?
Please direct them to the Here and Ready Actor Portal.

I would like to partner with Here and Ready, or know someone who might be a good partner for Here and Ready. How I can reach out?
Great! Please connect us using the form below or have your referral email us at

I still have questions....
And we have the answers or will try to point you in the right direction. Please use the form below!